Claudia Pretelin, New York City, 2016. © Image by Bryan Murray


Welcome to Instruments of Memory. I’m Claudia Pretelin. I’m a Mexican art historian, independent researcher, and arts administrator based in Los Angeles, California. This site is my long-term art history documentation project. It has evolved with time and I find myself now focusing on personal interviews with womxn in the arts. I ask about their work, their interests, and future projects. If this intrigues you I encourage you to check in on occasion and maybe even take a dive into the archives.

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A conversation with Colmena Verde Collective

© Colectiva Colmena Verde

Colmena Verde Collective was founded in 2018 in Veracruz, Mexico to stand in solidarity with La Marea Verde (the Green Wave) of Argentina. They are a feminist group of women from diverse backgrounds dedicated to inciting collective action to prevent, eradicate, and condemn any form of gender violence and to demand rights for girls and women. Their activities aim to be cultural and educational and their actions (workshops, lectures, and events) are made to take a stand and resist against the inequalities that women endure locally and nationally.

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Safer at home: An interview with Patricia Yossen

© Patricia Yossen

Patricia Yossen is an Argentinian contemporary artist and educator based in Los Angeles, California where she established her practice in 2008. To talk more about her practice, her influences, and how she’s dealing with life in the age of the Coronavirus, I visited Patricia Yossen’s studio virtually back in May and we continued our conversation via email.  Read more…

In August!

An interview with artist & activist Jackie Amézquita

Jackie Amézquita by Tanya Aguiñiga

Jackie Amézquita (b. 1985) is a bi-national artist/activist. Amézquita was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and migrated to the United States in 2003. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from ArtCenter College of Design and an Associate degree in Visual Communications from Los Angeles Valley College. She is an MFA Candidate in the New Genres program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2022. She is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California.
Amézquita’s work explores the psycho-socio-geographical and political interactivity of different ethnic groups. She is interested in exploring the impact that two opposing cultures create on their social environment and how socioeconomic differences between cultures affect the social structure. The types of jobs people do, the amount of money they can earn, and the quality of land they occupy are factors which play a role in defining racial groups in society, each with its own concerns, interests, values, and attitudes.

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Borderless: A conversation with Mara Ahmed

Read our in-depth conversation with Mara Ahmed! In a two-part interview, she shares her views on borders, racism, and the impact of the Coronavirus on immigrant communities and people of color. Read more…

© Mara Ahmed