Instruments of Memory is a site that documents conversations with women in the arts published as interviews and oral history. It exists as a necessity to make visible those whose work is dedicated to producing, preserving, administering, and promoting the arts in all of its manifestations. Its purpose is to give voice to different women in different geographical locations and during the many professional stages of their careers, focusing on their work in progress or in a culminated work.


Claudia Pretelin (She/her)

Founder & Content Curator

Claudia Pretelin is an art historian, independent researcher, and arts administrator based in Los Angeles, California. She holds a BA in communications and received her MA and Ph.D. in art history from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Her academic work has specialized in the field of photo history and contemporary art. She has lectured in Mexico, Argentina, and the United States and her work has been published in magazines such as Time Out México, Alquimia, Revista de Arte y Diseño, La Palabra y El Hombre, and Terremoto. For more than ten years she worked for the Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide and has also assisted & coordinated research and exhibitions in photo collections, museums, and art galleries, including Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). She currently works as a Curator of Collections in the studio of renowned artist Gary Baseman

Benjamin Tucker (He/him)

Editor & Content Advisor

Benjamin Tucker is the Chief Projectionist at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, CA. At both the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, he manages a team of projectionists and regularly runs premieres, nitrate, 3-D, 70mm, and film festivals in addition to digital cinema and 35mm. He was previously a film archivist and projection manager at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY. He taught film handling and repair for 13 years at the Selznick School of Film Preservation and has lectured on the topic in Mexico, Australia, and India. He has served on a film festival jury, programmed special events for a number of venues, worked as an archivist for the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a contributor to The Art of Film Projection, a book published by the George Eastman Museum in the Fall of 2019.

Sarah E. Webb (She/her)

Contributing Writer

Sarah E. Webb’s path is comprised of many stitches, but at heart, she is a storyteller and teacher. From the artist studio to the yoga studio, her multi-disciplinary approach considers both spaces as creative sites of corporeal process and practice. Webb received her MFA from Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, and is the co-editor of Singular Women: Writing the Artist, UC Press, 2003. For over a decade, she has immersed herself in the physical and philosophical teaching of the yogic tradition, guided by Dr. Douglas Brooks and Vishali Varga. As a writer and a teacher, Sarah weaves her critical, visual, and perceptual background into a unique environment to map and make meaning of one’s individual body stories and experiences: from breath to pen, mat to page. She is currently completing her CPA in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and writing a collection of essays. Personal website: http://www.tobejustsew.com