This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, thoughts, images and everything that can be understood as an instrument of memory, with an emphasis in the photographic practice. Through articles, book reviews, art reviews, images, and essays the authors that contribute to this blog show a fascination with photography and its relationship with other cultural expressions.

Este blog se dedica a compartir ideas, reflexiones, imágenes y todo aquello que sirve como instrumento de la memoria con énfasis en la práctica fotográfica. Por medio de artículos, reseñas, libros, exposiciones, imágenes y ensayos, los autores que contribuyen a este espacio muestran fascinación por la fotografía y su relación con otras manifestaciones culturales.


Out of the office!

We’re currently in Rochester, New York collaborating with Rochester’s Small Venue Biennial, Current Seen. Check out all the programs included in this major event for the contemporary art community in Rochester.

We’ll resume shortly…